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Freitag, 19. März 2021

CRaSH Console - start your long running process in an extra thread!

The CRaSH console is a nice tool to do imports or batch updates that should not become part of your main application.

Why should you use the CRaSH console?

  • your code runs within your application context and you have access to your runtime environment (business services like spring beans, database access to your DAOs etc)
  • your code is deployed through all stages and it is impossible to accidentally run test code on your production environment
  • you can use light weight scripting languages like groovy to implement your requirements that can be changed without redeployment
There is one important thing to consider when you are doing long running batch updates or imports: For some reason database connection-timeouts occur when running the code synchronously and the execution times takes more than a few hours. 
In order to fix this situation our team has come up with the solution to start the actual long running code in an extra thread:

    public void performBatchJob() {
        new Thread(() -> {
            //do some long running updates or imports

Doing the execution this way will protect you from DB timeouts and the code runs savely for a long time. We have done batch updates that run several weeks without problems in the CRaSH console this way.

To learn more about the CRaSH console visit https://www.crashub.org/