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Sonntag, 29. März 2020

Obfuscating a jar file with yGuard and maven

yGuard is a nice tool that obfuscates java sources. Unfortunately there is no maven support.
It is possible to combine yGuard with maven but you have to make sure obfuscation is called in the correct step of the maven build process.

In order to run yGuard in a maven build process the following antrun plugin configuration in the maven pom.xml file of a jar artifact can be used:

    <taskdef name="yguard"
    <copy todir="target">
     <fileset dir="target" />
     <globmapper from="*.jar" to="backup/*_backup.jar" />
      <fileset dir="target" includes="myApp*.jar"/>
     <property name="naming-scheme" value="best"/>
     <rename logfile="renamelog.xml">
      <adjust replaceContent="true">
       <class methods="private" fields="private">
         <include name="de/myProject/unchanged/**/*"/>
       <class classes="none" methods="none" fields="none">
         <include name="de/myProject/obfuscate/**/*"/>
    <copy todir="target">
     <fileset dir="target" />
     <globmapper from="*_obf.jar" to="*.jar" />
     <fileset dir="target">
      <include name="*_obf.jar"/>
Note the following aspects:
  1. the antrun plugin is executed in the "integration-test" phase. During this phase the original jar file that needs to be obfuscated is already built and we have a chance to obfuscate it before it is installed into the local maven repo.
  2. before obfuscation a backup of the original jar file is done 
  3. after obfuscation (running the yguard-task) the obfuscated jar is renamed to its original name (with the help of copy and delete)
  4. Afterwards the obfuscated jar is installed into the local maven repository and can be referenced from other maven modules